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    08/23/2013 - Hidden Desires (87/100) - Karen had just received a text from her friend saying that her train had broken down and she wasn’t going to be able to meet for a drink If she had received the text five minutes earlier she could have saved herself...Group Sex
    08/23/2013 - Valentines Day (81/100) - One of those days he just couldn’t understand. But since she was in his life, it had a new meaning. And this year, it had a very special meaning: they were finally going to go out and live one of their shared sexual...Straight
    08/23/2013 - A night at the gym (79/100) - I am heading to the gym late as usual. Damn I thought that I would get here earlier. The place is alive with other’s when I am able to get there at a decent hour I thought. But I must get a good burn in to end the week....Group Sex
    08/22/2013 - True story (78/100) - This is a true story that happened to me in the early 70's. I worked for a company that supplied machinery to companies around the world. I was the one that worked on and set the machines in the USA. Sometimes we...Slut Wife Sex
    08/21/2013 - Learning curve with Francesca (77/100) - Being with Francesca is always like a tonic and I feel completely at ease with her idiosyncrasies Like the way she adores opera and ballet but most important of all - with me being a red blooded guy and all that means;...Straight
    08/21/2013 - After school sex (64/100) - My dick was hard as a rock. As I followed my sexy wife to be Misty off the bus. Carrying her books for her. Stareing at her sexy plump ass as it swayed from side to side in her tight Guess jeans. I used to walk her home...Straight
    08/21/2013 - Guilty fun with a stripper (77/100) - I am angry at myself, and my husband, I'm mad at myself because I did something uncharacteristic and shameful. I am mad at my husband because he let me go to the hen party knowing there would be drink and strippers...Slut Wife Sex
    08/20/2013 - Ass addition (35/100) - my wife, pauline, was an excitable woman, quick to anger, quick to get over it, quick to get hot, quick to get hotter. she often dressed without underwear and was quick to flash tits or cunt. quick to fuck if asked...Slut Wife Sex
    08/20/2013 - Watched (34/100) - I was bored drinking wine one night kids parents and bill working it was a Friday night neighbours poker night. i was chattin on pc could see neighbour playin cards with 3 of his mates a normal friday night for...Voyeur
    08/20/2013 - I Warmed Up The Paper Boy (72/100) - I opened the door. The paper boy was walking down the path. He come up to the door and handed me the paper. Bless him, he was shivering and his fingers were blue. It was a freezing cold winter’s day. I took him inside...Gay
    08/19/2013 - It was not to be this way (57/100) - 'What is most precious to you' said David looking at me deeply. We were playing cards and I just kept losing. Maybe it was the wine I had. Neha my wife urged me to stop this stuff. David was 20 years younger to me and a...Slut Wife Sex
    08/19/2013 - Pussy Power (48/100) - The warm Cabo sun felt wonderful on my skin, so warm so relaxing, I could feel the stress of today melting away. The sound of the surf crashing on the beach below our villa balcony, so private I love laying there naked....Fetish
    08/19/2013 - University nights (61/100) - I'd known Chris since my first year of uni, he knew some of the boys I lived in the hall with plus we were doing the same degree. In our first year he always tried it on with me but I wouldn't allow it. I didn't like...Straight
    08/09/2013 - Wife one night stand (62/100) - It was a Friday night my wife was attending a company function,at these functions she is very careful when she has a couple of drinks only once has she been really drunk and vowed never to let it happen again,usually...Slut Wife Sex
    08/09/2013 - Finially (63/100) - We had talked about it ever since we married. My wife is almost 11 years younger than me and very hot. I don't think she had understood that she was before we got married though. Brown hair and eyes, 5'5 128....Slut Wife Sex
    08/09/2013 - Unexpected Long Massage (49/100) - I have loved getting massages ever since my back went out the first time years ago. Some places did great jobs and others just mediocre. I liked some store front quick massage places in malls because you didn't have to...Straight
    08/07/2013 - Getting a Blowjob at the Adult Book Store (75/100) - when i first met my wife she was this prim and propper lady. Short but with big tits and great legs. She has long blonde hair that is very sexy especially when she puts on her dark makeup on her eyes. She always wore...Voyeur
    08/07/2013 - Sex and Guns (39/100) - My girlfriend Jessica and I lay on the couch playing Gears of War, a first-person-shooter game, in the living room of her Chicago apartment. She suddenly announced, “Take your clothes off.” I smiled at her, unbuckling...Straight
    08/07/2013 - Back Room Pleasure (77/100) - It was a fine Saturday afternoon. I roamed around Mercer Street in lower Manhattan and eventually lingered at a small shop called Gizelle's, which was new in the neighborhood. On the windows, innovative Christmas...Interracial Sex
    08/06/2013 - Cabin Paradise (79/100) - "I cannot believe I let you talk me into coming out here." I told Keeley. "You know you wanted to come out here." Keeley continued. "New York is fun, but it's always good to get out once in a while. You need a change...Voyeur
    08/06/2013 - Awesome Australia (88/100) - Jay-Z's classic street hit, "Can't Knock The Hustle (Fool's Paradise Remix)" blared so loud from my silver 2012 Ferrari FF that the streets were trembling as I cruised by. I was in high spirits! I waited a long time for...Interracial Sex
    08/06/2013 - Busty Anissa (54/100) - I was waiting in a midtown Manhattan restaurant for one my friend, Anissa Kate. It had been six years since I had last seen Anissa. I stayed in contact with her through e-mails, and today I was finally going to see her....Interracial Sex
    08/05/2013 - Were Not Bad Were Just Drawn That Way (68/100) - Club Harlem World had the streets of uptown shaking. Inside, the music was blaring; the best drinks were flowing; the hottest exotic women were all over the place dancing; and the getting-money fellers spent dollars...Lesbian
    08/05/2013 - When Mare Met Ariel (78/100) - I read an e-mail from my online friend Ariel Paola, saying that she would be flying into New York this weekend for business and staying for a few days. The news made me jump and cheered. I felt as if God had answered my...Interracial Sex
    07/31/2013 - I hated him but I wanted him! (91/100) - George must have been in his 70’s and had never touched a woman in his life! Although he was a slimy, little weasel of a character I almost felt sorry for him. He lived in a croft cottage that was little more than a...Straight
    07/30/2013 - My story happened in the early eigties (51/100) - My story happened in the early eigties not long after Emma and myself got married. I was Emma's first and as far as she's aware her only lover.We came into some money and decided on a camping holiday to the South of...Slut Wife
    07/30/2013 - Whos Master Whos Slave (33/100) - Its about 8:30 on a rainy Tuesday morning and the sound of the front door slamming shut makes me jump from my sleep. My wife Amanda just left to take the kids to school and go workout. After eating breakfast and a...Fetish
    07/29/2013 - Night of passion (84/100) - “Hey are you almost here?” I ask. “I’ll be there in 15mins, leave the door unlocked and wait for me on your bed,” you say. I slip into my new soft pink baby doll, light candles in the hurricane candle holders around the...Straight
    07/29/2013 - An Interesting Evening (63/100) - My name’s Nathan Lee. I’m a 22 year old, 5”10, healthy male who is in his final year of college. My best friend is Ethan Powers, as he has short cropped, curly blonde hair hidden under his hat with smooth curls, is...Gay
    07/29/2013 - Breaking the rules (84/100) - It was a warm summer night. She wanted him. She knew it. But she knew she shouldn’t. It was against the rules. She had been breaking the rules a lot for him lately. She turned the corner, deciding to pay him a...Straight
    07/29/2013 - Sweet Sweet Scotty (81/100) - Recently, after my mother’s death, my father had remarried, and signed over his large country place over to my sister and I, so we made the decision to all move in together and share the basic expenses. It was a large...Gay
    07/22/2013 - A Little Extra college Money (66/100) - The door bell rang. It couldn't be the postman as he had already delivered. I hoped it was not the Jehovah's Witnesses. I went to the door expecting confrontation with the Jehovah’s but was surprised when I opened...Group Sex
    07/22/2013 - I fucked my fantasy (50/100) - Kitty sat at work in the salon she worked bored out of her brains, it had been a busy day but she only had one trim left to do then home time. Her last client was a guy called chris one of kittys regulars, he came in...Straight Sex
    07/22/2013 - The Shop Keeper (56/100) - I work at a shop in a sleepy village, not much happens in the village and the higlight of my week is when Polly the paper delivery girl turns up to deliver the weekly papers. Polly is about 5'4" has dark brown hair and...Straight Sex
    07/19/2013 - Happy Birthday (30/100) - Hearin my cell phone ringin i wake to answer it. its you callin to wish me a happy b-day and to wake up cuz someone's comin to drop off your gift to me you say you love me then hang up so i get up eat breakfast take a...Group Sex
    07/19/2013 - Roof Repair (87/100) - My roof was damaged in a hail storm. There is a crew here tearing the old roof off to make it ready for new shingles. The foreman is kind of cute and has a very sexy mouth I can't help but wonder if he is a good...Straight
    07/19/2013 - Naked Friends (70/100) - Two years ago I met a guy in the park. We lived close to each other and had seen each other wround. We were both in our early twenties, single, and one day the two of us got to talking and we hit it off pretty well. He...Gay
    07/11/2013 - Enforced TV Tenant (57/100) - “What are we going to do with you?” Steven’s landlady asked, standing on his doorstep. Steven was forever behind with his rent. His landlady showed no sympathy. “You know full well the rent has to be paid...Fetish
    07/11/2013 - Evil Intentions (60/100) - "Do you have evil intentions, Madam?" I peered playfully into the depths of his crystal eyes and would have raised an eyebrow; could I do such a thing. "… because if you do, you'll really need to leave to make...Fetish
    07/11/2013 - Miami Pt 4 Turned Out (85/100) - Miami is the man I love! Or I should say, Miami is the man I both love and hate. I’d known him now for over a year. I’d met him in my search for a large and practically untakeable black cock, and from the first day I’d...Gay
    07/11/2013 - Miami Pt2 (63/100) - “Lil’ Joe Cartwright” In the first part of this story, I’d just met Miami, and his beautiful cock, which he’d given the affectionate name of “lil’ Joe Cartright”, “lil’ Joe” for short, though I was soon to find...Gay
    07/09/2013 - Miami Pt 1 The Trip Begins (57/100) - This is a story for all you white guys who have a love for that long, thick dark meat. It’s true what they say you know. Once you go black, you can’t go back! It’s the powerful way they dominate you when they fuck you,...Teen Sex
    07/09/2013 - True Storie of Mrs Kundan G Parakh (71/100) - (It is 100% true storie here name are not changed it is olso true) ...Straight Sex
    06/19/2013 - Lezzy lick (59/100) - I had seen her once before. She was gorgeous. Big bouncy tits jiggled when she walked. A nice round ass to match. She had smooth long legs and full red lips. Her perfect, curvy figure had been framed by the sexy...Lesbian
    06/18/2013 - Not what I wanted (73/100) - "it's been 2 months since we fucked Tina, he just isn't interested in me anymore" Jenny was saying over lunch. "look, why don't you come around to my house for tea we can hang out it would be great" "yeh why not I'm...Group Sex
    06/18/2013 - Potty exhibitionist (63/100) - I suppose it started that day in the shower together when he said he needed to pee. Laughing I said "Well go then" He looked at me, then smiled and peeled his foreskin back and started to pee. It was a good...Fetish
    06/13/2013 - First time sexual experience for both of us (64/100) - Hello!!!!!!!! to all the readers of Short Erotic Stories. My name is Rajiv Verma from Jamshedpur, India. At present my age is 26 but, the story i am going to narrate to you is about my real first time experience of...Teen Sex
    06/13/2013 - Wife with first lover (83/100) - My wife(Karen)and I had been married about 8 or 9 months and having a great sex life when she got this hangup about orgasms. She almost always had at least one orgasm every time we had sex but it seems I was the first...Slut Wife Sex
    06/12/2013 - White girls love the hood (74/100) - Alex stands about 5 foot 9, 120 pounds and is 20 years old with an amazing body, blonde hair, perky C tits and plump soft ass with a tight waist and sexy long legs. Her and her boyfriend have been talking about their...Slut Wife
    06/12/2013 - The Sick Day (38/100) - I stood in the kitchen doorway watching Carl look out the window while he sipped his morning coffee. He and I have known each other for over ten years, lived together for nine. Four years ago,we made the ultiment...Gay
    06/12/2013 - Slow Rider (76/100) - Her breasts jiggled, quivering with excitement as she slipped tacitly from her revealing robe. The pink of her nipples, having been exposed to the cool night air, quickly became rounded nubs. The woman smiled coyly as...Straight
    06/11/2013 - She was a hottie (81/100) - You know that old saying, “Shit happens?” Well what would you call it when that shit turns out to be of the lucky variety? I’ll tell you what, from now on when things just naturally go golden, I’m going to remember a...Straight
    06/11/2013 - Other Mans Wife (68/100) - i have always loved the idea of sex outdoors with another mans wife,i got the chance last summer a couple i had known for about 2 yrs were going thru a rough patch and i ran into linda in a local store we chatted for a...Straight Sex
    06/11/2013 - My wifes friend visits (78/100) - An old friend of my wife’s was back in the country on a business trip, he had contacted us to see if we wanted to meet up before he went back home, we agreed and invited him to join us for dinner and stay over on his...Slut Wife
    06/10/2013 - She was up for the challenge (85/100) - One evening, along with our friends Brian and Phil, my wife Leslie and I were partying at another couple’s house, this was a regular thing, and like on many other nights we were enjoying some of the green, the white,...Group Sex
    06/10/2013 - Wife Goodbye to Coffee Boy (76/100) - My wife is 36, really fit, long blond hair very pert 34c breasts, we have been married for 12 years and have both been faithful to each other. Recently, we became friendly with a guy who worked at the local coffee...Slut Wife Sex
    06/10/2013 - My Boss Makes me so horny what if we get caught (62/100) - there is a boss at work i have fancied for ages we flirt and as i do the minutes for HR meetings we send each other longing glances. we are both in relationships so that is where i thought it would end. He is 30 mixed...Straight
    06/07/2013 - Taboo (78/100) - As she stood in the shower with the hot water cascading over her nakedness, she could not help but to think of the last time they were together. Reliving the memory in her head, she slowly moved her hand down her...Straight
    06/07/2013 - Fucking with the best friend (33/100) - She is my best friend in my university. Once she was going home by lunc with her husband. Her hb is not sexy as she is. There was a sexy guy besides her room and at 1 pm she got up for toilet. That sexy guy (nadim) also...Slut Wife
    06/07/2013 - Florida Trip (50/100) - I got to the city in Florida to see my girlfriend Liz after a wild and sexually fulfilling time when my car broke down on the Interstate on the way with the black towtruck driver. She was happy to see me,but she...Lesbian
    06/03/2013 - My Confession by Cowgirl 88 (78/100) - Before I married my husband,I was an exotic dancer,very good on the pole. Kept in good physical shape,125 lbs. Met Mister Right and got married and had been faithful and kept him happy for the last 3 years. He...Interracial Sex
    06/03/2013 - First Husband (72/100) - To begin,I want you to know I am not a professional writer and author and all that. Just a wife,2nd marriage,and I have a guilty conscience but cant tell husband about it,so I write anomymously,so I feel better,like...Group Sex
    06/03/2013 - My Second time with Maya aunty (47/100) - After the first time with maya aunty, she asked me to see her at 10:30 to have fun when she's alone at her home. That day after my parents left, I took a bath and wore nice dress and used body spray AXE too. That was...Fiction Sex
    05/31/2013 - Me Pete and the jar of peanutbutter (41/100) - It was a rainy day in a little town called Saint Helena California which is located in the North Bay. Huge dropps of rain pelted down the windows of a small gray colored house, sitting by the window a woman with long...Fiction Sex
    05/31/2013 - Home alone with Jon (59/100) - My parents decided to go to Vegas for a few days and left the whole house alone for me. I was excited, i could invite anyone i wanted over, or go out without a curfew. So I've been talking to this guy Jon, which im...Straight Sex
    05/31/2013 - Secret Sex With A Naughty Girl (84/100) - The doorbell rang and my girlfriend, Sarah, rose from the couch to answer it. As she walked away from me, I watched her admiringly. Sarah was a thin girl with a tight, fit ass with thick dark waves of hair that fell...Straight
    05/29/2013 - Sex on the Beach by Aubrey123 (70/100) - As I lay in my bed, fantasising about Aaron’s tall muscular body, a knock at the door brings me out of my reverie. I make my way to the door, in my skimpy negligee I open the front door. Standing there in all his...Straight Sex
    05/29/2013 - Wedding Gift (61/100) - A week before I was to be married I began fucking my soon to be husbands friend from work. My fiance new Iwas attracted to his friend and trust me, he was a great looking man. Tall dark and handsome with a great...Interracial Sex
    05/29/2013 - Park Porked (42/100) - I'm happily married and have always enjoyed a healthy sex life with my husband. We have had an open marriage and enjoy sex with others and sharing. I have recently met a new guy friend and now meet up about 4 days a...Slut Wife
    05/29/2013 - Fucking partners (72/100) - This is a real life story and too good to be shared. This was a time when I went to Manali, a hill station in India. My wife and I decided to go here since our kids were grown up and We wanted to spend some time...Slut Wife
    05/29/2013 - She Isn t Shy (70/100) - Back when my wife and I were dating we would often go to the local park for some alone time. If I traveled to her parents house, we would visit a park in that area or if she came to my parents house there was a park we...Voyeur
    05/28/2013 - Gym Slut Fuck (72/100) - As I pulled her booty shorts off her beautiful ass you could see the work out sweat fling off of it. Without thinking I dove straight into her ass, shoving my nose in her butt and tasting her already dripping pussy....Straight Sex
    05/28/2013 - The Learning Curve - Fulfilment (83/100) - It all followed from a late-night call that Mel took while I was in the shower. When I came out, I could see something had changed. “Tell me,” I said. “It was Celia. She says Rob has offered to baby-sit next...Voyeur
    05/27/2013 - The Learning Curve (84/100) - This is a largely true story. The two people are known to us and have asked us to write it for them. They want to let others know that if you focus on exactly what you want, and are patient, it can happen. We have...Voyeur
    05/27/2013 - Her Submission (68/100) - She had always been interested in the idea of giving herself openly to a man but had never had the chance until she had met Max at a local munch about a month ago. There had been an instant spark between them and the...Fetish
    05/27/2013 - Wife Goes Black in the Warehouse (43/100) - My wife, Sherry, got a job at a furniture warehouse, were there were several black me working. Sherry is very pretty, blonde, medium built, 40D tits, and very soft. Every time she would walk into the warehouse, themen...Slut Wife
    05/24/2013 - A fuck to remember (73/100) - I had been a partner with a married lady, Suchi for a month. We got our first client for home decoration and it was a big event in Goa. She was dressed in a smart western suit, with the trousers being really tight. She...Straight Sex
    05/24/2013 - My Horny Mother-In-Law (50/100) - My mother-in-law,dorothy, was very sexy. She was in her early forties when I was dating my wife. She was divorced and her and my wife were the only ones living at their home. While my wife, sherry, and I were...Straight
    05/24/2013 - New Years Eve Pleasure (50/100) - It was new year's eve and I met this boy at a party. It was my best friend who invited me and I was sitting at the bar while she partied so hard. Honestly, I was really bored. A few seats away sat a very charming...Straight Sex
    05/23/2013 - He Let Me Watch (84/100) - My wife is beautiful she can best be described as the perfect version of the girl next door. Sarah is five foot three weighing not quite one hundred pounds. She has long dark wavy hair and an innocent yet beautiful...Slut Wife Sex
    05/23/2013 - Summer Invitation (78/100) - When Candice accepted Cory’s invitation to stay for the week, she didn’t think too much of it. She needed a place to get away from the chaos that she called home. She had worked her ass off the last two semesters and...Teen Sex
    05/23/2013 - Nightclub Vixen (84/100) - It’s Friday night and the clock is about to hit 23:00. Tom was in the queue with his friends at Liquid; the hottest club in town. The club was known to attract its fair share of promiscuous students from the University....Straight
    05/23/2013 - A School Story (56/100) - I met this boy in my English class in August, by December we were sending dirty messages to each other vis Facebook. One day after Winter Break he messaged me and asked if i wanted to meet up before school the next day,...Teen Sex
    05/15/2013 - Wife and her friends make it the best birthday for husband (87/100) - Adam and Violet were madly in love. They both met in their final year at University and had dated for 2 years before getting married. They have now been married for 3 years. Adam was 5ft 10” with a slim toned body,...Group Sex
    05/15/2013 - She Will Be Loved (73/100) - My name is Evermore and this is a true story. The reason I decided to tell this story is because I think people should know that there are happy endings. I was born into a rich family and grew up as an only child....Teen Sex
    05/15/2013 - Guess Whos (81/100) - I had never heard of a game called “Guess Who’s” until one night; in fact it was the night of my wife’s office Christmas party. It was Laura’s first year working at this company so it was our first Christmas...Slut Wife Sex
    05/14/2013 - Seducing the Pastors wife (77/100) - This is my first time of writing a story like this but if users find it interesting then I will write many more of my adventures. The story I am about to tell you happened several years ago, then I was in my early...Slut Wife
    05/14/2013 - Hotel staff (57/100) - I was working in the hotel as the cleaner. One day I was doing a shift i then heard the key card go off for the door, i quickly jumped into the wardrobe. I watched through the hole in the wardrobe, I saw a women...Straight
    05/14/2013 - Massage therapist (58/100) - Hello I'm a straight male massage therapist . It was closing time I was about to lock up .A young muscular man came through the door .He wanted a massage I agreed to work late .He pulled a bottle of champagne out...
    05/14/2013 - Shoe shop (68/100) - It's my first day working in the shoe shop, I am nervous of women and have avoided the female customers, I see you come into the shop, our eyes meet, I divert my eyes away and start to rearrange, the boxes I rearranged...
    05/13/2013 - My Wifes First Black Cock (68/100) - It all started a few months ago I had always wanted to see my wife fuck a black guy but never thought it would happen , we went away for a weekend to her mum and dad’s house , and for our aniversary we went to the...Slut Wife
    05/13/2013 - Seeing and enjoying my wife get fucked (55/100) - I am a very conventional Indian and quite straight. My wife, Poonam is opposite. She loves male company and loves to flirt. She is sexy and being a punjabi helps. These chicks from Punjab are really hot and at 40 she...
    05/13/2013 - Nothing but his pleasure (68/100) - I entered the room wearing nothing but a red trenchcoat and matching red bottom heels. I was here for one thing only: to surprisingly please my man. I wanted nothing in return, just his satisfaction. As he opened the...Straight
    05/13/2013 - Saturday night gang bang (88/100) - My wife and I are very open-minded about sex and have no problem involving other people in our sexual adventures,my wife,Suzi,has a very sexy friend,Natalie, who we have both enjoyed sex with,who also goes to sex...Group Sex
    05/07/2013 - Make Me Hot and Bothered (82/100) - We were sitting on my bed watching a movie. An older movie, but still a good one. I had seen it before, but Katie hadn't. She was wearing tight spandex shorts with a tight little tanktop that showed her flat stomach and...Lesbian
    05/07/2013 - Average girl, above average delight (80/100) - "Hello? Ali?! ..." I heard the voices but my mind went else where in the brightly lit freshmen biology room. the way his the delicious dirty blonde hairs on his scalp all went toward the left except for the one on the...Teen Sex
    05/07/2013 - The Fountain Woman Part 1 (78/100) - "Oh my love, I have waited for this for so long." he said "Come closer and show me what you --" "CUT!" yelled the director, interrupting an embarrassed actress, "there is no emotion in what you are saying! I want...
    05/07/2013 - Teen Blowjob (70/100) - Getting into the school play – as the lead, no less – had been the best thing to ever happen to me. That was, at least, before I found out that Penny Boston would be costarring as my character’s seductive...Teen Sex
    04/30/2013 - Going Dangerous (91/100) - Okay, so I was pissed off and that probably wasn't the best time to suddenly accept an invitation to meet a stranger in a bar but frankly, I just didn't care anymore. My boyfriend was a no show for the third Saturday...Straight
    04/11/2013 - Her stepfather, his fingers, and his Tongue (74/100) - It was their senior year and everyone in the class was excited as ever. The last year of high school. After that they could come and go as they pleased, as they wanted, or so they thought they could. But Jenna, one of...Teen Sex
    04/11/2013 - Sex on the rocks (45/100) - I went to this bar the other day around the corner of the school I was just looking for some fun tonight I was waiting for my boyfriend nick we have been togother for 3years now and we both are 18 years old and had...Teen Sex

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    1.I hated him but I wanted him! (91/100)
    2.Going Dangerous (91/100)
    3.Sleep-over (89/100)
    4.Good Cock, Bad Cop (89/100)
    5.Honeymoon Beach (88/100)
    6.Waiting is part of what made it so good (88/100)
    7.My wife Emily goes black (88/100)
    8.Afternoon fun (88/100)
    9.Awesome Australia (88/100)
    10.Bank deposits (88/100)
    11.Morning Wood by Frank (88/100)
    12.Mr Mitchell (88/100)
    13.Scorpio (88/100)
    14.A Night To Remember (88/100)
    15.Thunder and Lightning (88/100)

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