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    First time..

    (Current Rating 66/100, based on 98 votes)

    I was at home ready for eric to pick me up, we were going to school game and then maybe out to eat or something. we had been together now for a year 2 months. I have been dreamning about how our first time was going to be. As i got into his car sat down and gave him a long passionate kiss on the lips, he asked "what was that for" with a smile, i said i love you and im ready, he asked "ready for what?" i sat back smiled and said you know teasingly our first time. His eyes glowed with happiness, but then suddenly it went to a slight frown i aske dwhat was wrong he said well it's going to be my first time too, and im nervous, i said me too with a smile. Suddenly we we're off to the game and didn't talk about on the ride there, we sat down on the benches and after it was over hopped back into his car.
    As we we're driving off i noticed we weren't going into town or back to my house, he was driving off somewhere outside the county. I looked around and it was the way to the lake where his parents have a camper at the camp grounds, and it was early winter so no one ever goes there this time of the year. I asked why are we here when we got there, he replied,"i been ready for a lo0ng time now but i wasn't sure if you were" i gave him a long kiss, we got out of the car, found our way to his camper.

    he got the key from under the mat, took my hand and started to pull me in the cold room, we kept bumping into things, he opened the door to his parents room, i asked "in here" he said why not smileing, i counldn't resist my clit was already throbbing! we were both really nervous and pulled me to him and started to undo my bra, his hands we're warm and my breast started to get hard. he said you feel so good, i slowly took my hand to his pants. unzipped them and took my hand to his thick hard cock, i said smiling wow im glad your my first your cock is perfect, he smiled and got even harder! it didn't take long to get warm, next he unzipped my pants and teased my cunt he and smiled, saying you feel great ALL over that made me want him even more. We were both naked then he lied me on the bed and nibbled on my nipples, i started playing with his cock, stroking it. He tease me cunt next thing i know im wet and ready for his hard thick cock to enter me! Aww..with heavy moans
    he was so thick it was hard, i was tight but he was gentle and fingered me a little to get it wide enough, finally it made it in it felt great i felt the sensational burn down there it was great, we didn't care about protection i was already on the pill months before so it was somewhat safe, it didn't matter, i couldn't take it anymore and begged him to fuck me, i moaned for him. he entered me and i was im amazement!, i felt all tingly in my flesh head to toes,my head was spinning, getting hot and breathing hard. He moaned my name and said i love you and i started screaming fuck me harder he did as i said and he came to orgasm and cummed in he... his eyes were all happy and they sorta rolled back. it was great! He rolled off me and breathing hard he daid that was great and im glad im your first. i said i love you too and thx, i felt wet underneath me it was virgin blood and i smile dwhne i looke at him again. Next i got on top of and made my way down to to his cock and to
    ok it and licked it and i got him all hard again he was moaning for it, then he cummed in my mouth it was great! warm cum down my throat i was scared though all the other girls say it was nasty, they were wrong it was overwhelming! he said oak y my turn i want to give you pleasure, he pulled my up and smiled and teased my breast more and made his way down even before he got down there it felt as if i was dripping, i think i was, he slowing played with my clit and ate me out omg! it was even better then having his cock in me i left this feeling all through my skin again except even more electrifyingi didnt know what i t was but i then i realized i had come to climax, orgasam i cummed all over his face and his liked it all of it he rubbed his face all in my cunt and licked and ate all of me! when he got trhough he made his way back up and looked at me and aske dif he licked it, i said it was great. all of a sudden we heard a vibrating sound it was his mom! he answered and his
    mom was asking where he was it was after 11 the game was over a good 2 hours ago!, he said he lost track of time and said he would be home soon. His mom said no, don't come home meet us at the campgrounds! our eyes widened, our night of romance was over! so we thougt. He asked his mom how far she was from the camp she said 5 minutes. Omg we had 5 mintues to get out of there, he hung up and we rushed to get our things, i slipped on my pantts not worrying about underwear, just grabbed them and in my purse, eric on the other hand looked for new sheets fot the bed, we took the ones off and fixed the bed, we made sure we didn't leave nothing behind. We jumped in the car and sped out of there. We drove around the roads for a while and then made our way to the camp. When we got there his mom asked why i was still wiht him and he said well u said to come straight here, he asked if it was okay if i stayed the night, no one was home at my house, and my parents thought he had already
    dropped me off at my friends to spend the night so i had all my things in a duffle bag in his car. She was fine with it he had to sleep on the floor though. we were both nervouse and held hands for the longest time ever. She went to her room, and looked around, she screams! omg we're dead, we run in there ask whats wrong and there was a spider we laughed and ran out of there. As his mom was asleep we got up in the nice cool night and went to the forest and to the docks, no one is there we looked around and set our things, in the forest near the edge of the river, we sat there looking into the moon and again, we started where we left. i got onto him and unipped him he was already hard, i took ly pants off, it was clod but we didn't mind at all we wrapped a blanket around my waist to keep us warm, he followed my lead. i was literally screaming his name , up and down up and down riding him, omg it felt better then the first time, he kissed my breasts, iran my hands through
    his long dirty blonde hair. i begged him harder, he rolls on top of me again gently he goes back and fourth then faster and faster,he's screaming my name i don't care if anyone hears us, it's perfect everything is. when we finally had enough we got dressd and made our way abck. We open the door and his mom was waiting there for us, she aske where we went he told her out ont he lake looking into hte moon, she looked at me she didn't ask anymore questions. We made our way to the room and we both get in bed and play with each other, we didn't get any sleep thay night, he fingered me and i stroked his cock how could we! we woke up with his mom staring at us she woke us up eric shirtless, thank goodness i wasn't! she had a stern face toldus to wake up and asked for him to go eoth her outside to talk, he did, she found out later what we had done, she never said anything to me about it, i was glad, but that first time im never going to forget ever!

    When ha had gotten back in he said next time we go on th boat with a smile.

    Author: Meplaya

    2009-02-22 23:11:01 Posted by
    OMG FIX TEH TYPOS!!!!!!!! Typo manic

    2009-03-07 16:59:37 Posted by
    omfg i know right with the typos....damn i couldnt concentrate!!! couldnt get horny with those typos

    2009-03-16 07:58:18 Posted by
    gosh learn ur mistakes girl! type nicely! yucky

    2009-03-28 00:24:44 Posted by
    I want eric. How big is he. Is he tall yum dave

    2009-03-31 23:39:02 Posted by
    hot. i need some pussy now. big cock

    2009-04-02 00:50:51 Posted by
    i got a boy named eric! hes 11 inches! mhmm

    2009-04-04 18:16:23 Posted by
    good but 2many typos emo

    2009-04-12 15:01:31 Posted by
    "it's a gud story..nevermind d typos...haha *wink* =goddess=

    2009-04-13 19:26:38 Posted by
    PLEESE fixx the typos!!! slut

    2009-04-17 13:59:40 Posted by

    2009-04-25 01:17:35 Posted by
    please fix the fucking typos. they ruined the story. lisa.

    2009-04-25 23:36:52 Posted by
    wow please make more thats like the only good 1! Anonymous

    2009-04-29 00:44:42 Posted by
    Such a fake story... make it more realistic next time. Also learn how to spell faggot Anonymous

    2009-05-02 06:59:02 Posted by
    Can I fuck you? Anonymous

    2009-05-06 10:18:11 Posted by
    this was shit sooooooo shit an please learn 2 spell. raaaaaah!

    2009-05-18 07:51:40 Posted by
    you can fuck me anytime ;) neeeds attention

    2009-05-19 18:17:35 Posted by
    YOU made me cum...

    fix the fuckin typos

    2009-05-22 18:47:48 Posted by
    Maybe you should learn basic grammar before having sex. I don't even know if you did have sex, or if the story went that far, because I had to give up at the first.. er.. "paragraph"?
    It's called punctuation.

    2009-05-23 11:56:31 Posted by
    I am amazed you know how to eat cum and how to be fucked but u dont know how to spell....heheheh Rider

    2009-06-20 03:02:02 Posted by
    it dosent matter how you spell it was very good i hope you make more Anonymous

    2009-06-20 19:10:13 Posted by
    titti fucker Anonymous

    2009-06-21 09:50:59 Posted by
    Good story i hope my first time is just like that only spelled better horny virgin

    2009-07-02 23:57:35 Posted by
    learn how to spell, please. shay shay

    2009-07-05 02:20:06 Posted by
    bla you suck. this was stupid. Anonymous

    2009-07-08 08:20:15 Posted by
    you are assholes. it was a good story. who cares about typos JAKE

    2009-07-09 02:07:40 Posted by
    hey i dont think its fake i didnt mind the typos and it made me cum you see my gf and i read these during sex when she sucks my cock or when i suck her nipple she reads this type of stuff jake

    2009-07-21 14:29:54 Posted by
    realy amazing felt like having a dick into my pussy. pussycat

    2009-07-29 11:04:20 Posted by
    FIX THE TYPOS!! I was like, wtf did that say? It totally ruined the story, and make it hard to understand, so pleasse fix them! Anonymous

    2009-07-29 11:05:05 Posted by
    fantastic, i hope my first time is just like that, but with less typos XD Anonymous

    2009-08-02 11:39:05 Posted by
    lol about the boat

    2009-08-04 07:48:12 Posted by
    sex sexy Anonymous

    2009-08-05 23:43:40 Posted by
    umm 1 fake story
    uhhh 2 typos
    i think you had so many typos cuz u wer fingering urself while typin

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