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    The Party 2

    (Current Rating 31/100, based on 89 votes)

    have been going out with Debbie now some 2 years, and we have gotten into all kinds of fun stuff. Some of her friends however are a bit on the wild side for me, they are into soft and hard drugs, while I do not mind a drink now and again, and I do not need much else to keep me happy. Debbie and I were invited to a party thrown by one of her old gang and I was not so sure I wanted to attend, there were a couple of my friends attending and Debbie told me that I would get a sweet treat if I accompanied her. Well I would do just about anything for one of Debbie sweet treats and since some of my friends were going to be there I figured that maybe the party would be more on the normal side. When I picked Debbie up she was dressed in the shortest of short mini skirts, one that I have not seen on her before and an open vest like top. He ample bosom was clearly showing, being held high with a black bra, I was almost tempted to go some place else rather than the party, for my mind w!

    andered in many ways, as Debbie eased her self in to the car.

    The evening began quite pleasantly, we were well received in a rather large old house, the party room was quite the thing, it probably had been a second living room or even perhaps a formal dining room, any way it was decorated with many plants (marijuana I kept thinking) that gave the room a cosy feeling. There were little alcoves that were situated near the windows, giving the impression that one was in a private area, yet part of the big picture. I had never been in one of these older mansions that graced our town and was beginning to think I made the right choice when I accepted Debbie's invitation to attend. Late into the evening, Debbie was clinging to me as we moved to some slower music, when she said "Go take your underwear off and I will stroke you while we dance".

    Well this was different, I had not expected her to get into any action while we were at the party, I had figured that I would get some on the drive back home, and I wasn't sure I was into exhibiting, but Debbie continued her plea and I gave in. I arrived back from the washroom joining Debbie once again, she placed her had over my shorts and rubbed, " I see my man is ready and willing,' she offered, as her fingers searched for my zipper. I grabbed hold of her hands, holding them on my now growing member, and told her " If you want to play games, then all things must be equal, I want you to go take off your underwear before I will let you begin" Debbie pouted a bit, she told me that since it was her who was going to play, then why did she have to be almost undressed, if she took off her bra, most of her bosom would be showing to any one who was looking, which was not what she had in mind. I responded with " Your move! I hold the knight and you will not be allowed to take him !
    unless you comply" pushing her hands away from my semi hard member. I had to be careful as I wanted this as much as she did, however I wanted to see how far she would be willing to take things to get her hands on my dick.

    " Oh! All right' she exclaimed as she trotted off in the general direction of the bathrooms. Quickly I sought out my two friends Eric and Gord, asking them if they would help me with a project that Debbie had begun, but was not aware that it had been upgraded to my terms. I suggested that we move to one of the more secluded alcoves, out of the direct line of the party itself, yet within sight of everything that was happening. The guys followed me and placed them selves adjacent to the area I had chosen, a bit out of Debbie's sight , as she arrived, bouncing towards me. I knew for a fact, almost anyone would, that she had taken off her bra; her boobs were swinging freely under the vest. She lifted both arms placing them around my neck, commenting that it was a good idea I had , to move a bit off to the side, rather than staying with the main group. Forcing myself closer to her, I was able to slip a hand between our now closely held bodies and pop open the three buttons on !

    her vest with out her realizing it. With my other hand I slipped around her bottom and moved it up under her skirt. She flinched a bit and asked "What are your doing", "Just checking to make sure " I offered, after all you did that to me, at the same time I pushed my hand in to her crack slipping a finger in as far as I could. Not wanting to break the spell, I quickly pulled my hand away, reaching up to her two arms, keeping her as close to me as possible (I did not want her to see that her vest was undone quite then). I brought her two arms down and pushed them around her back, pulling her towards me at the same time. This was my signal to Eric and Gord who both stepped up beside Debbie each taking an arm as I offered it.

    Debbie let out a quick yelp, " Hey what's the deal, let go', I told her to be quite, as the plans had been altered a bit, however if she wanted to make a scene, well that could be built into the plan, a scene we would make. That caused her to stop whimpering, as I continued " When you offered to play with me I thought it would be great, the more I thought it would be great the more I thought it might be better if you sucked me off instead, so that is what we are going to do". With that said, I pulled her vest off her shoulders, letting it fall down her arms to the point where the guys had gripped them. I then pulled at the zipper of her skirt, undoing it and letting it ride down her legs, onto the floor. Debbie quite naked, now so exposed, let out a gasp " Oh No!" Her bare ass now facing towards the partygoers, any one of them looking our way would get a full view of her tight little bottom. I unzipped myself letting my shorts fall, baring my now completely erect, hard pul!

    sating dick, motioning at the same time for the boys to lower Debbie to her knees. I guess Debbie realized now that she had started something that she would have to finish, or Debbie figured that maybe this was not a bad deal, I mean I knew how she liked to suck cock, and at this she was an expert.

    It was a bit difficult at first as she was unable to use her hands which were being held by the guys, Debbie began with her delicate warm tongue, flicking at my prick head, she lapped around and around, her tongue rasping at the underside of my pole. She then engulfed a great quantity, coating my dick with her saliva; she began to rock her head back and forth taking more and more into her mouth. Finally she shook her arms free from the guys and letting the vest fall free, she began in earnest to fullfil my plan. By this time Eric and Gord's respective girls friends had found us in the secluded alcove. Jen had taken Eric's pistol from his shorts and was expertly manipulating him, while Bev had her hand down Gord's shorts, most likely doing the same.

    This was neat I thought, here we were getting our rocks off just to the side where the party was going full blast, we could been seen if anyone was looking, for that matter everyone could have been watching us, we did not really care. As suddenly as Jen and Bev had appeared behind their guys, they were moved to the front, they began to egg Debbie on " Go Deb Go, Suck! Suck! Suck!' They chanted in sweet low voices. Neither Eric nor Gord had wasted much time, Jen's shorts and panties were down around her knees, Eric's hand were up under her shirt, I could see his cock head popping between Jen cunt hairs as he rubbed back and forth. Gord on the other hand had undone Bev's blouse completely and had released her large firm tits from their confines he was massaging them with vigour. Bev herself had her shorts unzipped; she was busy guiding her own hand in and out of the opening.

    Watching the action in front of me, and having my cock sucked, by my own expert, brought me to the boil; I grabbed Debbie's head. Forcing it towards my groin, I began fucking her mouth relentlessly, Gord in the meantime had gotten his rod out into Bev's free hand, she was pulling onit for all she was worth. I was not far from exploding into Debbie's mouth, while she had done a good job keeping me back, I knew that I could not hold back much longer. When Eric, bent Jen forward, and skewered her on his pole, I could not take it any longer, I held Debbie's head firmly as I pumped my hot jism down her throat, she swallowed as fast as she could, but some leaked out the cracks of her mouth as she gobbled down my cum. I guess, my coming touched of Gords, for a flurry of white cream spurted out his pole, through the fingers of Bev, dripping all over the floor. Eric was not far behind us, we watched as his face contort with relief as he shot his own load into Jen's hot little love ho!

    le, Jen herself reaching some kind of high with her squealing "

    It must have been about ten or fifteen minutes that we all remained motionless, holding our exposed poses as we gathered our energy and thoughts. We guys of course managed to come out of the trance fixing our clothing first, Jen pulled her shorts up leaving only Debbie who was still sitting on the floor stark naked. We helped her up pulling up her skirt as we did, covering her luscious little cunt that was now glistening with wetness. Debbie grabbed for her vest and with the two girls they headed off to the bathroom. We glanced around to find the party still in full swing, there were a couple of others who had managed to get themselves in disarray as they sat off in the other alcoves we figured that they as we had done we getting their rocks off. The party had not quite turned into an orgy, but looking around at the dancing couples we could tell that most every one had been groping their partners.

    Our girls were prim and proper when they returned, Debbie had not however put her bra back on, besides that from the way both Jen and Bev bounced into the room, I was almost certain they had taken off their bras as well. Debbie told me she was starved asking me to accompany her to the kitchen to fill her need. As I prepared a plate of sandwiches for us, Debbie, stayed in the background, I thought she was getting us some drinks but when I turned to go back I found her sitting on the counter, her legs spread with, her cunt in plain view, still glistening wet. " I want you to fill me need'" she said, " I did all that work and did not get off like the five of you, please eat me till I cum," I almost dropped the plate of sandwiches, I must have looked real stupid, because she said again " Dougie, eat me till I cum, please" Well I wasted no time, setting the plate on the table I dove towards her sweet cunt, going to work, licking from bottom to top, sticking my tongue in as far a!

    s I could, lapping at the flowing juices, which was far better than eating an egg sandwich. It did not take long for Debbie to grab my head and hold it still as she bucked her ass up and down on the counter top fucking my face. She lifted her legs over my shoulders and squeezed my head tight as she exploded with a built up load of love juice that flowed into my mouth filling it to the brim as she came and came and came. Taking our time, trying to recoup our energy, we held on to each other for quite some time, simmering from our escapades.

    Once again we returned to the main party, to our surprise, many couples were dancing to the jungle sounds of the bongos, only this time there were several girls dancing with out shirts, with a few more like Bev and Jen completely topless, their boobs swaying freely to the beat. The party was turning hot. A group of us decided to go out back to cool off in the night air, while there puffing on our cigs, I was thinking and just let my thought transform into audible words, " lets get naked and run around the outside of the house a couple of times" I blurted out.

    Against the "Gnfuus, Aw Gees and no ways" there were one or two " Yeahs! And Great Idea! On a Dare' so it was set. One of the girls said she would be game if she did not have to get completely naked, but would take something off, then a few more interjected that if the rules allowed for choice they also would be game. One of the guys suggested that we not only run around, but that we cross other to the opposite houses, circle them both before we returned. Hell I was game for anything, I was hot to trot and stripped down to my running shoes, Debbie followed and did Jen, (I found out then that not only had Jen left her bra off when the three girls came back from the bathroom but she had taken of her panties also) Bev kept her shorts, but I imagined she also was panty less.

    About 15 of us in various states of undress left with a quick pace, moving out of the back yard, towards the street. Slowing our pace to check for traffic (a habit more than a need at this late hour) we crossed over to the neighbours, rounded his place, cutting back through the other side of the house to our starting point. All fifteen of us laughing, running. poking at one another as we completed our marathon in various states of undress. We all collapsed with giddiness at our arrival, creating such a commotion that the rest of the party goers came out to see what was going on. They were a bit disappointed when they found out that they had missed the fun, then one of them yelled out that none of us would be brave enough to go again, but this time down to the corner stop light and back. Now there were several street lights between the house and the corner, they lit things up very well indeed, our little dash across the road was not far from one of these lights, but the tree!

    s had shaded its beam so that we had not been really exposed. As I said I was hot to trot, anything was all right with me, I asked for takers, but none came through, until that is the others starting saying " See, you guys ain't too brave, are ya!!" Well that statement got commitment, Debbie came forward as did Gord and Bev (this time Bev pulled off her shorts, not only was she naked but she was clean-shaven Whoa!! What a sight), a couple of others partially covered along with a couple of the newer group pulled off some clothes lined up with us and we were off.

    Out to the front of the house, down the street, running faster than we had before, not wanting to get caught, yet fully aware of our exhibitionist situation, we turned at the stop running back on the other side of the street. Our return was met with Hurrahs!! and shrieks of wonders from those who dared not participate. This kinda peaked the party; since it was late (or early in the morning) it was time to fold things up. Now as I had started the ball rolling, I did not really want to loose the rhythm so I suggested that we have a last dance, a real long slow dance, adding a twist that perhaps it would be kinky to have the guys dressed and the girls bare ass naked. That suggestion brought quite a mixture of replies, let me tell you, however, the guys had some extra help, as several of the girls were already naked having run the gauntlet. They must have wanted a bit of revenge from the other girls, because they immediately set upon those who remained covered, stripping them na!

    ked, throwing their clothes all over the yard, ushering them into the house.

    Once every one was partnered up to their boyfriends, the music began, I am certain, like myself many of the guys had their dick sticking out of their pants rubbing into or against their bare naked girlfriend. Gord had taken things further, he had turned Bev around to dance, she was facing the crowd, her clean shaven pussy glistening with juice, or sweat I could not get close enough to tell. Anyhow Gord looked like he was humping Bev rather than dancing, a fact that was confirmed when the music stopped, Gord pushed Bev into a forward bend and we were all treated to a show, as Gord banged Bev up her ass. To conclude, we all began clapping in time of Gord's stroking ,as he reached his climax, he pulled out shooting a load of hot cum all over Bev's back, it was a real fantastic finish to a good party, a party that I had not wanted to attend in the first place.

    Let me tell you I was treated like a hero the following week when we all had returned to classes. Even some of the girls, told me that they had wanted to get into some fun like that for a long time, but either everyone was hung up on primness, or strung out on dope. The next party they want me to plan from the beginning.....

    Author: Dreghorn

    2006-07-03 06:52:13 Posted by
    Boring! I could teach u a thing or 2! Sorry

    2006-07-12 01:43:11 Posted by
    Since i have posted a few attempts and not received very good results i have decided to post no more Dreghorn

    2006-09-25 21:40:30 Posted by
    i thort it was ok.....but not great.....didnt even make me wet.... Sunbird

    2006-12-06 06:37:11 Posted by
    NWxt time have someone get fucked in the ass i love that Shayla

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